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3 Simple Steps to Claim Tax Back Ireland

1. Fill out our Online form.

2. We process your tax refund which takes between 10-12 working days

3. We transfer the refund directly to your Bank account.

How do I Claim Tax Back in Ireland ?

Our average tax back is €1021. Simply fill in and submit our tax back online form. It only takes 1 minute. The largest Irish tax back claim this month was €8026.

We are the fastest taxback agency to get tax refunds for our customers with a No refund No fee policy. It's an easy to fill out form.

We look at all your tax credits, how much usc and tax you have paid or overpaid tax and we claim 4 years tax refunds. 

How much tax will I get back? 

Are you due tax back? Are there tax credits you have not claimed? We have completed thousands of tax claims and leave no stone unturned.

We make sure you get your entire tax refund and look at claiming tax credits due, medical expenses, tuition fees, flat rate expenses and any other tax reliefs you are due! See a list of all the medical expenses you can claim tax back on.

To Apply for a tax refund Taxback2you will need information in order to contact the revenue on your behalf. Simply fill out all the information required.

Fill our 60-second tax back online form

Once you press submit the filled out form will pop up. Click the “next required field” and draw your signature. You will be emailed a copy of the document immediately. Get your Irish tax back now.

If you have any questions we have answered every question you may have under our Frequently asked questions page.

  • All personal information is secured and stored in line with GDPR.
  • Once all information is accurate and received we aim to process the tax refund between 1-2 business days.Taxback2you will send you a message when we have applied for the tax refund.
  • It can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your tax refund from the Revenue, to your bank account.
happy customer requires the data on this tax back form to process your application with Revenue. We will not use or share this data for marketing purposes. For more information on how we share and process your data, please refer to our term and conditions


Fastest Tax Back Agency

We are currently the fastest to claim tax back in Ireland. We process your tax refund between 10-12 working days.

We Are Local

We are an Irish Company working with PAYE customers. If you have paid Irish tax we will get a tax refund for you.

We have the Lowest fee in Ireland

Remember No tax refund. No fee. We are currently the lowest fee in the market at only 7% (excl vat), with a minimum documentation fee of €25 (excl vat).


  • We will look at 4 years tax refunds
  • We will ensure you get your maximum tax back
  • We offer a No refund No fee service
  • Once we have all information we usually process your tax refund with 2 days
  • 99% of overpaid tax refunds are in your bank account after 2 weeks
  • We have the lowest fee in the Irish Market



Get your Tax Back Ireland

As market leader, we offer the fastest tax service, with the lowest fee. Complete and sign our tax online form and our tax specialists will work on getting you the largest possible Irish tax rebate.

Our Team

Our team has grown over the last number of years. We started out doing a few Irish tax rebates here and there for friends and family but realised that a lot of people were due refunds so we looked into a bit more.

We expanded a year later and now process hundreds of tax claims every month.

We are proud at and our aim to make more and more customers happy each day. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service so feel free to call us or email us at any stage for advice.

We focus on PAYE workers and keep you informed every step of the way.

Fill out our tax refund form today.

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