Tuesday, June 18, 2019

EVERY Question You Have About Tax Back in Ireland

Every question answered about claiming tax back

What years can I receive a tax refund for?

PAYE workers(Pay As You Earn) can receive tax back in Ireland for the years 2016-2019. If you have paid Irish tax you don’t even need a P60 you can claim tax back online by simply filling out our Tax refund form. It’s that simple!

How do you apply for a Tax refund Ireland?

To receive taxback in Ireland simply fill out our online form that takes just 1 minute.  We will then thoroughly review your 4 previous tax years. We leave no stone unturned and make sure we claim tax back, check that you have all your tax credits available to you in Ireland, check are you due medical expenses back and other expenses like uniform or tools that you need for work.

Claiming Tax back Ireland - How much can I claim?

Our average tax rebates in Ireland is €1,021. While you can use a Tax calculator in Ireland you really won’t get an accurate estimated Irish tax refund. The tax calculator does not pick up the full picture. We at taxback2you.com go through everything with a fine comb and make sure we maximise the tax refund amount. We check tax refliefs, universal social charge, PAYE tax to make sure you get the maximum Irish tax refund.

How quickly will I get my Tax Back?

Tax refunds in Ireland should be in your Bank account within 2 to 4 weeks. We usually ask for your iban to transfer the tax refund to you if not we send it by cheque. It easier than it seems to get tax back in Ireland but there are millions of euros in unclaimed tax rebates.

Can I claim a tax refund in Ireland if I’m unemployed?

If you paid PAYE tax over the last 4 years prior to being unemployed or out of work for a sickness, then you can get tax back in Ireland by simply filling out our Tax refund form.

How to claim tax back online for medical expenses? What is a MED 1 form ?

You can receive 20% tax back on a lot of medical expenses. We will email you seeking the details and amounts but not everyone knows about claiming medical expenses in Ireland. We have to fill out a MED 1 form on your behalf, aswell as thoroughly examining 4 years refunds & credits and applying for a tax refund for you. It can be tricky if you are not aware of what you can claim but we do all the hard work for you. There is no need to worry or stress about the MED 1 form or other forms our experts do all the processing. Here are some of the bills you can claim tax back on :

  • Doctor’s visit and hospital treatment fees

  • Prescriptions that were prescribed by dentists, doctors and other medical expenses

  • For IVF & Fertility Treatments 

  • Routine maternity care while pregnant

  • Lasik Eye Surgery medical expenses

  • Dental work including braces, crowns and root canals

  • Diagnostic procedures like X-rays, MRI scans or CAT scans

  • Physiotherapy, acupuncture, podiatry and chiropody, when referred by a qualified practitioner

  • Psychotherapy or psychiatry expenses when working with a qualified psychiatrist or psychotherapist

  • Orthopedic treatments, orthopedic beds or chairs

  • Medical aids and appliances, like hearing aids, wheelchairs and stair lifts

  • Speech and language therapy costs for a dependent child. Need to be provided by a qualified speech and language therapist.

  • Educational Psychological Assessment costs, assessments must be done by an Educational Psychologist for a qualifying child.

  • Doctor diagnosed coeliac and diabetics can claim the cost for specifically made food.

If I live overseas or outside of the country how do I claim tax back online?

We are still able to claim tax refund Ireland for the previous years that you worked in Ireland as a PAYE worker. As long as you were paying taxes then we can get your tax back here in Ireland, no matter where in the world we may live now.

I am recently married, what taxback can I claim?

First you and your spouse will have to decide if you want to file together or separately. If you are filing together then tax rate bands and tax credits can be transferred between the spouses. The cut-off point for married couples is €44,300 and the tax is 20%. If both spouses have jobs where they pay taxes then the standard cut off rate can be increased by as much as €24,800. If your not sure how to claim tax back online simply fill out our Tax refund form and get your spouse to do the same. We then proceed and seek a tax refund in Ireland for you be it joint or separate.

What is the emergency tax and when do I pay it?

When an employer hasn’t received the Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN) of their employee then that employer can make you pay an emergency tax. Emergency tax can also go into effect when the employer does not have your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN).

An employer will tax an employee that has given their PPSN at a standard rate of 20% for the first 4 weeks that they with the company. After the 4 weeks are over then the rate will change to 40% from your income until they have your full details.

A refund can be received for Emergency Tax when the employer receives the Revenue Payroll Notification. The employer will then pay any taxback and Universal Social Charge that was previously paid. Fill out our form and we will look into the tax refund in Ireland for you on a no refund no fee basis.

Do I receive taxback for education or tuition fee?

Here are a List of Colleges and Universities that you can get tax back in Ireland for attending. Relief is not given for administration, examination or registration fees. You can claim tax back on fees paid for a third level education course. You can claim tax back on 20% of the costs. Grants, scholarships or funding are exceptions to the tax relief.

What tax refunds can I receive for my children?

Anyone can receive 20% tax back when it comes to medical expenses for children under the age of 18. Which can include doctor and consultant fees, prescriptions and treatment in a hospital.

Children who take a Third level education course can claim tax back for tuition fees. The maximum for the year course is €7000 where the first €3000 is disregarded meaning you can claim  tax back on the amount paid over €3000.

Did you know you can get a tax refund can if you are divorced or separated any making maintenance payments to your ex partner.

Anyone who is married and has a spouse who stays at home with the child/children then they are eligible for the Home Carers Tax Credit, which is worth €1,200. Once the income of the carer is less than €7200 (ie. they can work part time) they can claim the full home carer credit.

What Tax Back can I receive as a single parent?

Anyone who is a single person and is either the guardian or parent of a child is eligible for the ‘Single Person Child Carer Credit’ (SPCCC). The SPCCC tax credit is €1,650 per annum. The child must live the majority of the time with that person and no one else can file this credit towards that child. For a full list of tax credits available see details here

I am disabled, what tax refunds can I qualify for?

You can claim Value-Added tax back if you have disabilities. You can claim this relief on appliances, vehicles, hearing or physical aids and radios. Vehicles cannot exceed €22,000 even with the adaptions that were made to that vehicle. Fuel grants and motor taxes are also given in cases with people with disabilities.

Someone who is blind can receive a Blind Person Tax Credit which will have a Guide Dog Allowance which is an annual allowance of €825. Every blind single or married person that isn’t the partner of a blind person will receive a tax credit €1,650. If there is a blind married couple then they will receive a tax credit of €3,300.

How do I receive tax back for work expenses?

Work expenses could be uniforms that are purchased or cleaned by the employee, tools that are used by the employee for the job or supplies that teachers may purchase for their classroom/students. Most workers are due a refund fill out our Tax Refund Form.

What if I have more than one job?

Anyone working more than one job is able to combine the tax credits between the jobs, also your tax rate band. When you have multiple jobs, you have the option of leave all tax credits and tax rate band with the main job. Or you can divide the tax credits and tax rate band between the jobs. You can also transfer the tax credits and tax rate band plus Universal Social Charge to the newer job or jobs.

Whatever option that is decided an even amount of tax is applied to each job and full benefits of tax credits and rate bands are still given for each of the jobs throughout the year.

What if I need to eat special foods ?

You can claim  tax relief for certain foods if you have a medical condition and have specific dietary requirements. If you have special dietary needs, you must provide a letter from your doctor stating this to qualify for the tax relief..

Some example where you can claim tax back in Ireland are :

  • If you are a coeliac and you must purchase gluten free foods specifically manufactured to be gluten free

  • If you are a diabetic and you must purchase diabetic products if your doctor recommends that you include these in your diet.

You must keep all receipts for the gluten free food or diabetic products that you plan to claim taxback on. These receipts can be from supermarkets, health stores and other similar shops. Fill out our Tax Refund Form.

For a quick overview for Parents credits and expenses you can claim read summary about them here.