Friday, April 5, 2019

PAYE Modernisation and How to Claim your Tax Rebate

What does it mean for me the employee? How can I claim my Tax Rebate

What is all this PAYE modernisation about and how to claim your tax rebate in Ireland

For the last number of decades your got your credits at the start of the year and paid taxes accordingly throughout the year and if they were incorrect you could claim your tax rebate in Ireland of the difference. PAYE modernisation means that employers are obliged to keep the tax details more accurate and in real time.

What does this look like ? There is an increased onus on the employer to probably upgrade their Payroll system and use new software offered by ThesaurusSage and Brightpay.

For the employee it means better more accurate pay weekly.

Does this mean you do not need to claim your tax rebate every year ?

No this is not the case - you have lots of reasons to claim your tax rebate in Ireland. You may not be aware of credits that you could be claiming, you may have medical, dental , physio bills to claim back, you may have paid tutition fees for your kids in college and are allowed a tax refund.  Also did you know if you are moving away or coming back to Ireland you are highly likely due to claim tax back. Fill out out Tax Refund Form.

If you are separated and have to make enforced maintanence payments you are entitled to tax deductions on the payments.

Dont forget if you are married and one of you stays at home to mind children you could be entitled to a home carers credit €1500.

Any questions on how to claim your tax rebate back see or visit to fill our Tax refund online form.

It take 1 minute and you could reap the rewards of thousands due back to many PAYE workers.