Sunday, August 11, 2019

Are you due Tax back on IVF, Medical expenses or dental expenses?

Every PAYE worker are due tax back on day to day medical expenses such as doctors bills, hospital bills, dental expenses and much much more.

Read our guide on what you can claim tax back on, how much and how to claim tax back on medical expenses below. We claim the last 4 years medical expenses.

What medical expenses can I claim ?

  • Doctor’s visit and hospital treatment:

You are to able claim 20% tax back on doctors, GP, any consultants fees and all hospital bills. For example if you or your family go to the doctor 6 times in a year this can add up to €600 which can lead to a refund €125.

  • Prescriptions that were prescribed by dentists, doctors and other medical expenses:

You are able to claim 20% tax back on all of these medical expenses and dentist expenses. For example if all the family had prescriptions over the year which easily tot up to €500 would give a €100 refund.

  • For IVF & Fertility Treatments:

Eligible for 20% tax rebate. IVF treatments cost €5000 each time leading to a tax refund of €1000. Our average tax back per customer is €1021 so Fill out our tax refund form.

  • Routine maternity care while pregnant:

Visits to different consultants or visiting hopsital or getting maternity care can cost €1000 giving you a tax refund of €200.

  • Lasik Eye Surgery medical expenses:

You can claim an Irish tax rebate of 20% on eye surgery. Eye surgery costs around €4500 performed here or abroad giveing you a tax refund of €900.

  • Dental work including braces, crowns and root canals:

You can claim tax back of 20% on non routine dental expenses. Braces can cost a lot of money over a couple of years. Typically they cost €4500 leading to tax back up to €900.

  • Diagnostic procedures like X-rays, MRI scans or CAT scans:

Get 20% tax back on all scans and diagnostic procedures.. Scans in general cost €200-€400 resulting in a tax rebate €40-80.

  • Physiotherapy, acupuncture, podiatry and chiropody, when referred by a qualified practitioner:

You are eligible up to 20% tax rebate in Ireland. Theses expenses can add up if visit 6 times a year it costs €300 leading to a tax refund of € 60

  • Psychotherapy or psychiatry expenses when working with a qualified psychiatrist or psychotherapist:

6 visits to one of these consultants resulys in you claiming tax back of 20% leading to about €150 refund

  • Orthopedic treatments, orthopedic beds or chairs:

Claim 20% tax rebate on all orthopedic costs. An orthopedic bed costs about €4000 leading to a tax refund of €800. Simply Fill out our tax refund form.

  • Medical aids and appliances, like hearing aids, wheelchairs and stair lifts

Hearings aids usually cost €5000 with stair lifts costings up to €7500. Eligible for 20% tax back a huge refund here from €1000-€1500.

  • Speech and language therapy costs for a dependent child. Need to be provided by a qualified speech and language therapist.

Over a year or 2 this can amount up to a lot of money. Speech and language therapy usually costs in the region of €2500 per annum. Get 20% tax refund of up to €500.

  • Educational Psychological Assessment costs, assessments must be done by an Educational Psychologist for a qualifying child:

A full assessment usually costs €300 and being able to claim 20% tax rebate gives you a refund of €60.

  • Doctor diagnosed coeliac and diabetics can claim the cost for specifically made food:

If you need to eat special food and same has been certified by your doctor. You can claim 20% Irish tax rebate on all dietary foods you need - over a year this can lead to €1000's of tax back in your pocket.

  • Nursing home fees :

Whether you are paying nursing home fees for yourself or for someone in your family you are entitled to claim his relief at the highest rate of tax you pay, if the nursing home provides 24 hour on site nursing care. Note that the HSE calculate the amount you pay towards the cost of your care but you can claim health expenses relief  on the amount you paid yourself. You can also claim back tax where you or a relatvie either suffer from a serioudl illness and require a nursing yhome but you hire a full time qualified nurse to take care of you at home or if you are in a nursing home and need additional care. Simply Fill out our tax refund form.

  • Sick children:

You can claim a tax rebate in Ireland for your children once they are under 18 or in full time education.

Where children are receiving treatment for cancer and children with permanent disabilities, you can claim tax relief on the following as health expenses:

Overnight accommodation: Where the child needs to stay overnight in a hospital as part of their treatment tax relief is also allowable for parents or guardians of child oncology patients and children with permanent disabilities where the parent travels and stays in the location.

Telephone: You can claim a flat rate payment to cover telephone rental and calls where those expenses are incurred for purposes directly connected with the treatment of the child who are receiving treatment for cancer or has a permanent disability.

Travel: You can claim tax relief on the cost incurred in travelling to and from any hospital for

  • The patient and accompanying parents or guardians and

  • Parents or guardians of the patient

Simply fill out our tax refund form and we will be in contact in less than 24 hours.

All of your medical expenses should be receipted and we will need you to scan them through to ourselves to verify.