Friday, April 5, 2019

Tax Refund Ireland. All You Need to Know in 3 Simple Steps

Am I due a Tax Refund as a PAYE worker in Ireland ? You have lots of reasons to claim your Tax Refund in Ireland.

Read on and see how easy it is to claim tax back get a refund fast and have in your Bank account within 3 weeks.

Most people are not aware that annually you can claim a tax refund in Ireland from overpaid taxes, tuition fees, usc and unclaimed credits during the year. Our average tax refund is €1021 for all paye workers so read below how to claim you tax refund by simply completing our online form.

At we are highly aware that not all our customers know what credits that they could be claiming, they may have medical expenses, dental or physio bills to claim back, they may have paid tuition fees for their kids in college and are unaware they are allowed a tax refund from overpaid taxes. Also did you know if you are coming back or leaving Ireland you are highly likely due a tax refund. If you have not claimed a refund read on or fill out the Tax refund form.

Alot of people have never even heard that if you are separated and have to make enforced maintanence payments you are entitled to tax refund deductions on the payments.This is great news because our team at do a thorough examination of your last 4 years tax years and ensure we get every cent back with your tax refund in Ireland from overpaid tax if you have not claimed a refund.

If you are thinking of applying for a refund some common credits are not claimed. The home carers credit and the single parent credit simply are not claimed beause they were never auto applied as it was up to each household to claim the relevant tax credits. Simply people have not claimed these tax rebates and are due tax refunds as a result. To get a simple list of the credits to see which ones you are due go to List of credits you can claim.

If you are not familiar with tax refilefs, tax bands or tax credits read on out PAYE services make it simple for you without filling out complicated forms.

Some of the bigger tax refunds come from the following:

Home carers credit :

Don't forget if you are married and one of you stays at home to mind children you could be entitled to a home carers credit €1500. There are 60,000 families that have not claimed this credit over the last years leaving €200m behind in unclaimed tax refunds. You cannot claim this home carers credit if the dependent person is your spouse or civil partner. 

Single Parents credit:

If you are a single parent with and you care for a child on your own you may be able to claim the Single Person Child Carer Credit (SPCCC). This child may be:

-your own child

-an adopted child

-any child that you support and maintain at your own expense.

Only one parent or guardian of a child can claim the SPCCC(single person child carer credit)  in a tax year though. You can only claim one credit, even if you have more than one child. The amount of this tax credit is €1,650 per year. This will reduce the tax you pay by €31.73 per week. With this you are potentially entitled to an increased rate band of €4,000. The great news is that this is an additional €4,000 at the 20% tax rate. If you are due the Single Parent Child Carer Credit,  then you are automatically due the increased rate band.

Medical expenses :

You can claim tax back on all your doctor bills for you and your family, physio bills, any non routine dentist bills such as root canal and braces. All your prescriptions can be claimed back. Over the course of a year this really adds up and can be a substantial tax refund if you have not claimed over the last 4 years.

While our average tax refund is €1021 we have got a lot of customers paye tax back in the region of €7000-8000. Are you due a tax rebate ? Fill out our Tax refund form.

Leaving Ireland:

If you have worked in Ireland and paid paye tax over the last 4 years you are potentially due a tax refund. So if you are leaving Ireland be sure to fill out our online form to get that spending money for your new adventure.

Uniform expenses:

If you work and have a uniform you are due a tax rebate if you have not claimed the flat rate expenses over the last 4 years. Uniform expenses range from €97 - €700 and can be claimed every year. We automatically check for uniform expenses with each refund to maximise your tax back.

Any questions on how to claim your tax refund talk to us at or visit Don't delay in applying for a refund!

 Or follow these 3 simple steps 

1. Go to 

2. Fill out our Tax refund form- Easy to fill out just takes 1 minutes

3. Sign and submit and that's it!!

How long does it take ? We offer PAYE services that thoroughly go through your last 4 years tax refunds and once you provide your bank details you could have the refund back in your bank account within 3 weeks.